Patients Speak Their Mind

Deb is wonderful. Marissa - nicely conversational  very caring  professional.  Dr. Joe - pretty much all business and professional and skilled.

Gerald T.

I was very impressed with you guys.  I had not been to  a dentist in a couple of years  mainly because I felt that the dentist had no feeling at all about me other than collecting a paycheck.  Mary Beth was very nice and I felt very comfortable with the way she treated me and while I did not spend a lot of time with the Dentist  he seemed like he was genuinely  interested in listening to my concerns. I was also impressed with the way that Shari tried to explain the billing with me.  I hope to be a long time customer.

Greg, M

The dental work that I have had done has been pain free. I really appreciate the new procedures that make the experience comfortable and trauma free.

Judith F.

Front desk was phenomenal!  Back staff ( Hygienist  and Dentist) personal and answered all of my questions !!! Thank you!

Jessica F.

Appointment confirmations were well done. I really appreciated that the hygienists name appeared on the confirmations.  Just a little extra nice touch!

Walkter B.

The dentist's assistant was knowledgeable and friendly.  I truly enjoyed our conversation while waiting for the dentist.

David L.

When I arrived at 8:00 AM  I found out that I was not on their schedule. A switch in software had removed me from my assigned appointment. They quickly found me an appointment  for 4:00 PM  later in the day.

Allen W.

Staff always greets you with a smile and a very warm greeting!  Always make you feel comfortable!  Great great   Doctor and great staff

Luanne G.

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezie.  I recommend you all the time.  :)

Pamela S.

We always have great service from a very professional and pleasant team.

Rebecca L.